Welcome to Jaybird boutique pet supplies

Welcome to Jaybird boutique pet supplies

Welcome to Jaybird boutique pet suppliesWelcome to Jaybird boutique pet suppliesWelcome to Jaybird boutique pet supplies





Pet supplies with a difference

Jaybird offers aesthetically pleasing, quality tested pet products for the discerning pet lover.  

Our pet furniture has been designed to fit into a range of interior designs so you no longer have to hide the dog bed when visitors are coming over. 

The pet supply range has been rigorously tested on animals: our own.  Every biscuit, balm and toy is quality tested by our own, beloved dogs. 

We can source or manufacture anything you require, so if it is not on this site, send us a WhatsApp and we will make it happen.

Our ranges



Chachi is our good boy in charge of testing and approving all things sporty. If your dog has never encountered a tennis ball he or she hasn't liked, and if you enjoy an active lifestyle together, Fetch is the range for you.



Chance gives final stamp of approval on all things elegant. Our lady demands only the best, and enjoys the easy life. If your dog has a taste for the finer things on offer, check out our Princess range.


Zoom range for the animal lovers.

Every family has its... unique... member. And in our family, Sasha is our loveable weirdo. Playful, cuddly and different, she is the perfect ambassador to sign off on all products for our Zoom range. 



Tommy is our phenomenal feline in charge of all products that the deserving cat could want or need. He's not spoiled, just well loved.  The scratch range offers everything that a kitten's heart could desire.

Our philosophy

Pet supplies with love


Only the best is good enough for our own pets, and we do not sell anything we would not be comfortable to use for our own furbabies. Rather than a generic quality guarantee, we give you our promise as fellow pet lovers: our ranges are continuously improved and expanded for the benefit of the animals who deserve the best their humans can give.

From high-end furniture, to play time, bed time, bath time and feeding, we have it all.

Design that cares


Every item we manufacture carries the Jaybird stamp. It is a guarantee that the item was hand made, using pet safe materials.


Our standard materials include:

SA Pine: in case something gets chewed, the wood is non-toxic, and free from harsh chemicals. 

Non-toxic adhesive: we do not use mechanical fasteners like screws and staples on our beds and cat scratchers, to ensure that your pet does not accidentally swallow or get injured by a sharp object.

Natural rope: we use natural rope and edible colourants for all toys to prevent any exposure to harmful agents.

Natural ingredients: our biscuits, soaps and balms are hand made with only the finest natural ingredients. 

Design that fits


One size does not always fit all. 

Jaybird does not only stock standard sized beds, toys, bowls and stands; we can also manufacture to specification. 

We can adapt any item in our catalogue according to your requirements.

Or send us a pic, name your size, design and colour, and we will deliver.

Send pics of your good boys and girls - we'd love to add it!

Contact Us

Get in touch with us for more details or customized offerings!

Your pets, Our priority

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